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The Red Cathedral, MicroMacro: Crime City, and Control: Ultimate Edition - Ep125

April 15, 2021


00:00 - The great fountain pen hack of the 1990s.

03:02 - MicroMacro: Crime City from Pegasus Spiele is a curious mix of Agatha Christie, Where’s Wally?, and the EXiT series, that just keeps on giving.

15:25 - Joining the PlayStation 5 club, the most exclusive club of them all right now, surely? Also: how (and why) the PS5 tries its best to keep you playing.

34:39 - Control: Ultimate Edition is creatively risky and every bit is expertly crafted, making it a strong contender for the best AAA game of the last ten years.

45:27 - The Red Cathedral is from Llama Dice, and it’s all about Saint Basil's Cathedral (the one with the “ice gems”). It’s beautiful, and it’s super thematic.

58:11 - How 2 rite propa

All that, and a niche joke about the Freemasons, with Dan (@ThisDanFrost), Kris (@DigitalStrider), Peter (@XeroXeroXero), and Sam (@MrSamTurner).

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Quick note: sometimes we'll have been sent a review copy of the thing we're talking about on the podcast. It doesn't skew how we think about that thing, and we don't receive compensation for anything we discuss, but we thought you might like to know this is the case.

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