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Pendulum, Hotshot Racing, and Stay Cool - Ep112

October 1, 2020


00:00 - The Home Alone Meal Deal, and first movies.

09:13 - Hotshot Racing looks and sounds great, the racing model is spot on, but you’ll want to put most of your time into the time trial mode, and we’ll tell you why. Also, go watch Get Indie Gaming.

20:57 - Every Breath You Take. Every Slice You Make.

27:45 - Pendulum from Stonemaier Games (them what did Viticulture) is a “rollercoaster” of a board game, a superb experiment in the worker placement genre, and perhaps the perfect board game cafe game.

45:39 - Eulogy For Brannigans.

48:48 - Stay Cool is from the same folk that brought you Decrypto, and if that’s not enough to sell you on it, then you’ll just have to listen to the podcast for more insight into why we like it, I guess.

All that, and Adele, with Kris (@DigitalStrider), Sam (@MrSamTurner), and Peter (@XeroXeroXero).

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