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The Book of Dust, Ten Candles, and Metal Gear Survive - Ep48

February 1, 2018


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It's another textbook episode of Staying In. There's chat about a new fitness thing they're all doing (well... almost all of them), a couple of minutes where they gush about My Brother, My Brother and Me, and a couple more minutes after that where they basically just rip off My Brother, My Brother and Me's whole thing.

Plus thoughts on Philip Pullman's The Book of Dust (and why it's better than Harry Potter), a big heap of bleh as we discuss the disappointing Metal Gear Survive beta, and why some very meaty games are on the horizon for us as a group, including Cosmic Encounter from Fantasy Flight, Hidden Agenda from Supermassive Games, and Ten Candles from Cavalry Games.

So pop the kettle on, make yourself a brew, and settle in for another serving of the podcast where a group of pals talk about the geek stuff they love and the ***** that have been up their *****, with Sam (@MrSamTurner), Dan (@ThisDanFrost), and Kris (@DigitalStrider).

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