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Ten Candles, Hidden Agenda, and Cosmic Encounter - Ep51

March 15, 2018


Games, games, and even more games: that's the general theme of this episode.

There's a big discussion about Cosmic Encounter and why you probably need to play it twice to really start appreciating its galactic strategy. And when we're not ruling the universe, we're mucking about on a boat in one of our favourite RPGs: Ten Candles from Cavalry Games.

We also hook up to PlayLink on the PlayStation 4, checking out Hidden Agenda from Supermassive Games in the process, which is a tense game of deception and mystery where you use your mobile phone, via the console, to choose the outcome of a scene and shape the narrative as it progresses.

Plus snow. Plus Babycham. Plus exercise. It's a whopper.

Sound good? Great! Check in with Sam (@MrSamTurner), Dan (@ThisDanFrost), and Kris (@DigitalStrider), all recording together, with Poppy watching on, supervising.

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