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Super Arcade Racing, Bird & Blend Tea, Return of the Obra Dinn - Ep77

April 15, 2019


00:00 - Wedding decompression and a very special ice cream.

04:19 - EGX Rezzed 2019 as experienced as a member of the video games industry.

11:35 - OutOfTheBit's new 2D top-down racer Super Arcade Racing feels like an ever-so authentic mix of 90s racers like Micro Machines and Overdrive.

15:47 - Return of the Obra Dinn from Lucas Pope has you piecing together a maritime mystery in a stylish 1-bit visual style. We think it's genius.

25:28 - A lovely tea blending workshop at Bird & Blend Tea in Bristol, plus a "Cremebow".

41:49 - Our pal Robyn Zwicker asks us via Facebook: "if Brexit was a board game how would it play and how would you rate it?". Thanks!

All that, plus a fair bit about pu'er, with Kris (@DigitalStrider) and Peter (@XeroXeroXero).

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