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Ready Player One, Assassin’s Creed Origins, The Darkside Detective, and Dave Ryan from Link to the Cast - Ep52

April 1, 2018


Up for some hot new video games action? Well tough, because we're talking about why the shooting in Titanfall 2 is so gosh darn good. Sorry to pull a fast one on you like that. We cool? Cool.

There's also Assassin's Creed Origins talk too, that's kind of new, right? Regardless, it's providing us some excellent opportunities to wander around Egypt and partake in a little digital tourism, a thing we're also up to with the astonishing Yakuza 0.

We were lucky enough to be joined by Dave Ryan from Link to the Cast on this episode, and he brought a wealth of knowledge and insight into the topics we covered, including how history is portrayed in games versus how history is taught in schools, plus the indie game development scene in Ireland, and specifically a great-sounding point and click adventure called The Darkside Detective from Spooky Doorway.

Then there's a big old chunk of Ready Player One discourse about the book and film and how we're hoping its numerous references to all sorts of stuff in geek culture has been handled "authentically"... whatever that means.

By the time you've finished reading this you'll hopefully have the episode downloaded, so pop on some quality headphones and have a brew with Dan (@ThisDanFrost), Peter (@XeroXeroXero), and Dave (@DaveRyanIV).

If you've NOT finished downloading yet, then hello, here's the bit where we tell you that some of the links in this description point to Amazon, and if you you buy something from that store after clicking through our link, then we get a little referral fee, which we then use to make this podcast sound better. We still cool? We still cool.

Oh and also: we've been nominated for a Games Media Brit List award in the category of Best Podcast & Radio. We found out after recording this episode, but we'll probably be talking about it on a future episode (and flaunting it every moment we get).

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