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Gloom, Jalopy, and Rainbow Drops - Ep32

June 1, 2017


Who loves all things Gloom? Lisa Mart does! Find out why as she joins Sam (@MrSamTurner), Kris (@DigitalStrider), and Peter (@XeroXeroXero) to talk about everything games and geekery: from how Arkham Horror: The Card Game is the perfect way to prepare for a half marathon, to why Peter's stressing out with the responsibility of car ownership in Jalopy.

There's also the end of Pandemic Legacy: Season 1, a delicious bit of New York Slice, graphic novel organising, and sorting a music collection by the weather. Plus old fashioned sweets, more phonics than you care to mention, the true hierarchy of crisps, and Portuguese tea.

And as we mention at the top of the show, we have a competition we're running through June, so give the podcast a listen for how to enter for your chance to win some awesome games on Steam!

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