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Black Panther, Monikers, and Hunt for the Ring - Ep50

March 1, 2018


How did Kris's mum accidentally get involved in the Copenhagen drug scene?

Could Sam figure out who "not the guy with the bolts" was?

Which one of them manages to casually drop the phrase "Chekhov's Gun" into a conversation?

If you'd like to know the answer to these questions, give this episode a listen.

And there's some other stuff too...

Like why one of us is absolutely head-over-heels in love with Hunt for the Ring from Ares Games, and how that lovely little Lord of the Rings-based board game compares with the much darker Whitehall Mystery from Fantasy Flight.

And how Monikers is a great little party game. And how Dixit is ALSO a great little party game. And how Dixit might just have the edge on Monikers.

Then strap in for a good long discussion on Marvel's Black Panther and why it's funny, progressive, and extraordinary.

All that and more on episode 50, with Sam (@MrSamTurner) and Kris (@DigitalStrider) and occasionally Poppy, having a lovely little bit of nerd chat.

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